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 "Where Cooking Is A Sport" 

Celebrate Your Birthday With Us

At a Little Chefs In Training party participates will learn how to measure, mix, stir, and pour while they use their creativity to whip up delicious foods from scratch. A cooking party is a perfect gift that will be remembered for a lifetime.

Party Prices

*The cost of our cooking parties start at ($500.00) for up to 10 children. Each additional child is ($40.00). Parties are 2 hours in duration. Each additional 1/2 hour is ($35.00). Parents can order food for adults from our catering menu. Party Platter Menu

Our Parties Include

 Digital Invitations
Hands-On Cooking Projects
A Souvenir Apron For The Birthday Chef
Paper Products

Some Of Our Themes

Pasta Themed Party 


Taco Bar Party


Pizza Theme Party


Sushi Theme Party


Burger Themed Party


Tea Party Theme


Competitive Cooking Party Themes


Does your child love challenges? If yes, then this may be the right party to throw! Here, we distribute unique baskets with secret ingredients. The challenge is that each team will have to incorporate the ingredients in their dishes. Teams will be judged based on creativity, taste, and use of all the ingredients.

Our Family Cook Off includes the whole family. This fun theme partners kids and adults to compete against other family members to win. The basket is a mystery but you and your family can decide on a theme. (Italian, Asian, Latin, American, Mexican and more.) This  is a wonderful family bonding event that brings the whole family together. 

Satisfy your children’s sweet tooth and let them bake cupcakes all by  themselves! Not only will they practice piping the cupcakes, but they will also be challenged because the one who baked the most delicious cupcake gets a prize. You can even add a secret ingredient table for a more challenging party!

**Prepared Lunch Included (Pizza, Tacos, or Pasta) 


What’s a party without the sweets and desserts? In our Cupcake Decorating Party, children will decorate cupcakes based on the theme chosen by parents. For example unicorns, pandas, princess and more.   Great theme for ages 5-8. 
Prepared Lunch Included (Pizza, Tacos, or Pasta) 

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