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 "Where Cooking Is A Sport" 


 FAQ's for Cooking Birthday Parties

Do you provide food for the adults?

What is the max number of kids I can invite to a party?

Is there enough room for the parents to stay at the party?

What is the cost of a cooking party and how much time does that include?

Can we come ahead to decorate? 

Can I bring a cake?

The form asked me to estimate the number of children but I'm not sure yet. Can I change this number as I get closer to the party?

What age range do you host for cooking parties?


 FAQ's for Single Session Cooking Classes

What is the cost of a single session cooking class and there duration?

What type of food do you cook for the single session classes?

Can I stay in the class with my child during the cooking class?

How do I register for a class? How do I pay? Do you allow walk-ins?

I'm coming to class for the first time. Do I need to do anything to prepare?

What age range do you host single session cooking classes ?


FAQ's for Membership & Competitive Programs

What is a competitive cooking or baking program?

What is the price of  membership program and what does that include?

How are classes scheduled within the month and how long are the classes? 

How old does my student have to be to register for the competitive cooking classes?