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 "Where Cooking Is A Sport" 

Let Your Chef Bloom

Little Chefs In Training offers single session cooking classes at our location. Classes are completely interactive. Students work hands-on to cook delicious dishes. In addition to essential cooking skills like chopping, grilling, and sautéing, our instructors work with your Young Chefs to teach them skills that will stay with them for years. All classes cover topics like organizational skills, learning to work as a team, cooperation, and taking turns.

Single Session Cooking Class Prices

  • Ages 5 - 7 years old ($25.00) per student for 60 minutes.
  • Ages 8 - 16 years old ($30.00) per student for 90 minutes.
*Group Rate
Special Needs Adults ($25.00)
Homeschooled Students Day Classes ($25.00)
65+ Adult Day Classes ($40.00)

Specialty Cooking Classes

Our Specialty Cooking Classes are meant to spark the curiosity of  your Senior Chef ages (11-16). Classes are 2 hours and $40.00.

Food Styling & Photography

Young Chefs will create a tasty dish and learn the aspects of food styling and basics of capturing a beautiful photo. Students will take home there photo on a flash drive.

Molecular Gastronomy

This class will bring out the food scientist in your young chefs. Students will create a dishes using spherification and  liquid nitrogen.  

Growing & Using Micro-Greens

No green thumbs required in this class students will plant there own micro-green pods to take home and utilizes a variety of micro-greens to create a beautiful dish.

Our Clients 

Here’s a list of some of our clients. 

  • Ages 5 to 17

  • Home Schooled Students                        

  •  Special Needs Adults

  •  Girl & Boy Scouts

  •  65+ Adults