10970 S. Cleveland Ave #103 Fort Myers, FL 33907

 "Where Cooking Is A Sport" 

Cooking Classes

Little Chefs In Training offers single session cooking classes at our location. Classes are completely interactive. Students work hands-on to cook delicious dishes. In addition to essential cooking skills like chopping, grilling, and sautéing, our instructors work with your Young Chefs to teach them skills that will stay with them for years.

 Our Sunday Baking Classes are fun way to start off the week. From Crepes to Cupcakes there are a variety of options to choose from every month. Our classes are divided by age group and some allow adults to join in on the fun.

Ages: 5-17
Day & Time: Sundays 10am or 12:45pm
Prices: $25-$35 dollars  
Schedule: Register Online

Cooking is a Sport at Little Chefs In Training. Our Friday Night Baking Challenges and Chopped Competitions allow our young chefs to blow off some steam. 

Ages: 7-17

Days & Time: Fridays at 6:00pm

Prices: $40 - $60 dollars 

Schedule: Register Online